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Qingdao Haibohe rubber dam, to make it into a leisure landscape

Date:2015-10-30 Num:842



Both sides of the river all the viewing platform is crowded with people play...... Now the Nanjing Haibohe Road, a public places around the child to play. Yesterday, the reporter visited found that appeared haipohe renovation project, the rubber dam let river always have water, protect the river water stop valve. With the end of 5, the station will be built, Haibohe downstream water scenic recreation corridor.

    Viewing platform into a good place for children

    Yesterday morning, the reporter first arrived at Nanjing road and Liaoyuan Road intersection haipohe remediation site, on both sides of the river scenery, willow wind, this year due to less precipitation, Hanoi almost no water, but you can see through the dry river, the river bed haipohe some "check valve", groundwater can through the check valve into the riverbed, it enters the underground but by the river where the water will play a role in flood control. It is understood that the upstream haipohe mainly have the city the city landscape river function. In bed, burying a special pipeline, located in No. 8 dock after the sewage water treatment plant by pipeline directly to the source of haipohe. In the upper reaches of the river haipohe 3 km range, set up a total of 13 rubber dam, the rubber dam in the river water to complete the tasks one by one. Rubber dam after water injection, according to the size of the water, the height of 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters. In addition, there are many white pipe bed, the mouth of the pipe down, each of the 4 in a row, neatly arranged in the bed, which is "check valve".

    Viewing platform, packed with children to visit residents. They or push the baby car leisurely talk about the day, or play all kinds of family games, the scene has become a paradise for children. Haibohe along the way down, on both sides of the river near the Dunhua Road, full of high-rise buildings. It is lunch time, there are a lot of white-collar workers in a leisurely stroll in the river.

    Cleaner rivers back office

    Haipohe Shenyang Road, because the downstream tidal sluice and rubber dam on the river, filled with water, but did not smell. Beside the haipohe park is full of exercise for the elderly. "Before which dare to practice on the river, the smell is too heavy. Now well, there are trees with water, exercise and happy. River north is a bus parking lot, Linhe built office building. "Just moved here soon. "City Bus Company South Sea Bridge Park Road team Secretary Jiang Lihua told reporters earlier, because the river black odor, they did not dare to take office in the river, with river management work and the development of the original office space problem, they decided to build office buildings in the sea park river, all the logistical and administrative personnel were moved over. While in the downstream Haibohe estuary, tidal sluice will Hanoi River into two world stopped, Hanoi water stable, two fishing boats floating in the water, gulls and other birds or stand on a boat or in the air flying short. However, in the river Blackwater reporter still found a lot of signs. Huadian Power Plant in front of the riverbank, tree lined walkways, so that people can walk, enjoy the beauty of a river.