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The working principle of rubber dam is a what kind of

Date:2016-09-08 Num:676

The working principle of rubber dam:

Are made from high strength synthetic fiber fabric mechanical skeleton, the internal and external coating rubber protective layer, processed into fabric, then its anchorage in the floor into a closed dam bag, through the pipe line filling water (gas) will be the bulge forming filling bag over the dam. Can overflow dam crest, and can according to need to adjust the high dam, control the upstream water level, to play to irrigation, power generation, navigation, flood control, tidal and other benefits.


The advantage of rubber dam:

Rubber dam is suitable for low head and large span for such projects, such as used for reservoir spillway overflow dam, a gate or activity that to increase the capacity of the reservoir and the power head; Used in river as low head, large span rolled dam or overflow weir, can need not regular gate hoist, work ?