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General situation and Prospect of the development of rubber dam in China and abroad

Date:2015-05-22 Num:687

The rubber dam is at the end of 1950s, a new type of hydraulic structure.1957 which appears with the development of macromolecule synthetic material in the world's first rubber dam was born in the United States on the Losangeles River, the dam height is 1.52m, length 6.1m, tape thickness 3mm, adhesive strength is 90kN/m, the dam bag produced by the Firestone tire and rubber company since the world's first rubber dam in engineering practice has been applied since about half a century, many countries have built a rubber dam. The total number of countries in the world to build a rubber dam are still not exact statistics, but only one in Japan, reportedly reached more than 3 thousand (cross). In the early stage of development of rubber the dam, there are many countries were studied, such as the United States of the rubber dam had studied and systematic calculation; British wo Linford hydraulics research room of rubber Did the dam model test and theoretical research, put forward the water filling (gas) rubber dam under hydrostatic pressure and dynamic water pressure under the theory of shape, the rubber dam shape and stability calculation and model test results were compared. The former Soviet Union in the rubber dam is studied in 1966 also built a rubber dam. Over the past 10 years, the United States, Australia and other countries for further experimental research on rubber dam, such as the free vibration, the Virginia Research Institute and State University of Rubber Dam 3D vibration, nonlinear vibration, the overflow of other aspects of the study, and by using the finite element method of rubber dam the dam bag shape were analyzed. The test and damping device of Australia Department of civil engineering University of Queensland of rubber dam in dam surface is provided with a jet flow to relieve gill dam bag etc. The theoretical calculation. Japan and China also began the construction of rubber dam, but the development speed of Japan than China's rubber dam to be fast, has been more than 3000 seats (cross), the international market of rubber dam mostly by Japanese companies monopoly, the reason, in addition to Japan rubber industry developed, still see a rubber the dam of the economic and technical benefits. In Japan Sumitomo (SUMIGATE) and Jorge (BRIDGESTONE) as the representative of two rubber factory production of rubber dam. According to the Sumitomo Corp reported only two years ago, the company has been exported to the United States more than and 700 seat (cross) rubber dam. The two Japanese companies in the production of rubber dam bag dam manufacturing, engineering design, manufacturing, construction and installation of anchor as a whole, there is a high degree of mechanization, ensure the quality of the project. The Japanese company's mode of operation is worth learning. These in rubber dam bag manufacturing Japan, already began to produce no joint of the dam, no joint tightness of the anchor when the dam is far higher than that of a joint dam bag, coupled with a jet flow gill set in an inflated dam, reduce the vibration of the dam bag, overcomes the shortcomings in the anti overflow dam vibration aspects as water filling rubber dam, which has provided a guarantee for the construction of a large number of Japanese inflatable rubber dam. Sumitomo Co is the production of a new type of dam bag is provided with double wire mesh in the dam bag, it has been applied in rubber dam project in rubber dam height of dam construction, charging several Sumitomo Co years ago, the construction of up to 6m, the world's highest dam inflatable rubber dam; Ramspol choshinensis company is built in Holland up to 8m, this is by far the world's highest rubber dam.Ramspol rubber dam for water double charge, the The capital of Holland Amsterdam 4.65m. low elevation than the rubber dam is divided into 3 spans, each span height 8m, bottom width of 60m, is 80m wide, the dam bag canvas layer to 6 layer, the thickness of 16mm, weight of single span 33T, dam type for 25 years. In rubber dam for publicity and promotion, all countries in addition to the use of magazines and newspapers and other conventional media, but also make full use of the advantages of the Internet, such as Japan, France, Germany, Jorge, Australia and other countries and the company has built a rubber dam site dedicated to the promotion of domestic rubber dam or the company's. It is worth mentioning that the Japan development technology research center published "technical standard" rubber dam was amended in August 1983 in China in 1985 will be translated into Chinese version. According to preliminary verification, this is by far the only foreign one of the rubber dam comprehensive technical standard, Japan is still in the application of the standard system to summarize the construction of Japan's rubber dam engineering practice, design, construction, management and other content to make a detailed, applicable provisions.